Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

In Honor Of Sarah Jones, Crew Members Vow To Boycott 'Midnight Rider'

Behind-the-scenes workers in the film industry have vowed to boycott production of the movie "Midnight Rider."

Extra, Extra: Exxon Owes $104 Million For Poisoning NYC Groundwater

Artists on close of Pearl Paint, Meals on Wheels poser, Afroduck arrested again, goats and corgis have a romp and more day's end links.

Police Seek This Man For Allegedly Killing Cyclist & Driving Away

He was last seen fleeing the scene of the crash wearing white pants and a black shirt with the number 5 printed on the back.

Photos: Taylor Swift Shops At McNally Jackson, Will Save Book Publishing

The bookstore refused to divulge what Swift bought, which means they have really good customer-bookstore confidentiality.

'Fauxsumerism' Alert: Mysterious Millennials Are Browsing But Not Buying :(

As some wise oldster once subtweeted, money doesn't buy #happiness.

#MyNYPD Twitter Outreach Isn't Going So Great For The NYPD

You know what they say: The best laid plans of mice and the NYPD often go awry, to epic effect.

My Waiter Was Rude, What Should I Tip?

The recent plight of a tipster (ha) has prompted us to clarify our tipping policy.

Video: Today's 50th Anniversary World's Fair Lines Were Legendary

50 Year Anniversary World's Fair Lines Longer Than Original World's Fair Lines... well, not quite.

NYPD Refuses To Return Bike Of Slain Williamsburg Cyclist

Despite evidence that Lefevre and his bike were dragged some 70 feet by the driver, Leonardo Degianni—who sped away without stopping—Lefevre's family and attorney have been unable to get to that bicycle.

Inflatable Hot Tubs Coming To NYC Roof For 'Epic' Nightlife Movie Experience

If soaking in a warm kiddie pool with friends and strangers sounds like just your thing, then have we got just the thing for you.

NY Pols: What Is Airbnb Hiding From Us?

"In general, the rule is: if you are subpoenaed for information, and you have nothing to hide, you turn it over."

NY Philharmonic Will Perform Live Scores To Pixar Movies In May

The movies include theToy Story trilogy, Finding Nemo and Wall·E.

Obamas Pay Tribute To Frankie Knuckles In White House Letter

The tributes to pioneering House music DJ Frankie Knuckles continue to pour in.

Yankee Stadium's Long, Strange Soccer History

NYC FC's arrangement isn't so weird: Yankee Stadium has a long history of soccer.

There Is An OLD BAY Seasoned Beer

Old Bay, what can't it do?

FDNY Investigates Long Ambulance Delay In Fire That Killed Two Kids

There was an eight-minute delay in dispatching an ambulance.

Early Addition: Uber Turns Boston Marathon Bombing Into Branding Opportunity

A big Speed collection, a Columbus Circle crash, player takes baseball to the face, women don't like sports cars and more midday links.

Aaron Sorkin Explains It All: 'The Newsroom' Has Been Terribly Misunderstood

"I think you and I got off on the wrong foot with The Newsroom and I apologize and I’d like to start over.”

NYC Earth Day, Brought To You By Toyota, United, & Con Ed

Two very different Earth Day events are taking place simultaneously today, one in Union Square, and the other in Zuccotti Park.

City Slice Joints Getting The Fancy Coffee Table Treatment

A forthcoming book takes a look inside the hundreds of pizza shops that dot the city's landscape.