Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Photos: Penn Station Is The Worst Place On Earth Right Now

Welcome to the Thanksgiving Eve exodus, people.

A Turkey Named 'Cheese' Lives To See Another Day, Thanks To Obama

"It is a little puzzling that I do this every year," Obama said, with a hint of existential sadness in his voice.

Extra, Extra: NYC Cedes Manhattan To Teens For Thanksgiving

Because you didn't even like Manhattan that much to begin with, check out today's Thanksgiving eve links: James Cameron psyched about 'Avatar' sequels, Kanye West ogles nudes, illicit Eiffel Tower wine, and doggy runs.

Pregnant Woman Fatally Shot Outside Queens Apartment

A pregnant mother of three was fatally shot just steps from her apartment door in Queens this morning.

Stuff Your Ears With This Thanksgiving Playlist Before You Stuff Your Face

Happy Thanksgiving! Here's another weird playlist for you to rock out to while stuffing your face.

NYC Voters: Taylor Swift Should Be Governor

Swift was joined by Amy Doehler, Francis Underwood, Beyonce, Gene Simmons, and more fictional characters among the list of write-in candidates for NY governor.

Our Favorite Thanksgiving Cocktails

Apples, warm pumpkin pie spices, and maple syrup make for perfect pre and post Thanksgiving meal drinking

NYPD Will Crack Down On Cyclists Because Of Dubious Math

Is the NYPD pulling stats out of the air to justify a disproportional focus on cyclists?

The Perfect 4-Course Streaming Movie Meal For Thanksgiving Week

For Serial-lovers: we recommend you watch The Staircase.

Rutgers Student Took Photos Of NJ Bear Who Killed Him

Officials now say that Patel and his hiking friends attracted the attention of the 300-pound black bear when they stopped to take several photos of it.

Epileptic Driver Found Not Guilty For Deadly Crash

An epileptic man who killed the passenger of another car after he suffered a seizure while driving has been cleared of charges against him.

D.B.A. Brooklyn Shuts Its Doors This Weekend

The East Village location will remain open.

Tensions In Ferguson Run High For A Second Night

Forty-four people were arrested, down from 61 the previous night.

Lasker Rink Will Reopen On Thanksgiving!

It's a Turkey Day Miracle!

NY Times Issues Lengthy Thanksgiving Day Recipe Correction

They're not taking back that whole Grape Salad thing, though.

The Thanksgiving Weathermageddon Travelpocalypse Is Upon Us

You may want to postpone your travel plans until tomorrow morning when the roads are safer.

Darren Wilson Has 'Clean Conscience;' Brown Family Decries 'Broken' Grand Jury Process

In his first public interview, Darren Wilson cast Michael Brown as the instigator and said he would do everything the same.

Thanksgiving Weekend Kicks Off With #Blessed 7 Train Delays

Just as birds gotta fly and fish gotta swim, so too does the subway system need to break down at inopportune times.

New App Lets Apartment Seekers Skip Heinous Broker's Fees

Padspin doesn't actually cut the fee entirely, but it does put it back in the hands of actual renters.

NYPD: This Guy Threw A Brick At Person Withdrawing Money From ATM

This happened at the Citibank at 1 Court Square.

125 Photos From Last Night's Massive Traffic-Blocking Ferguson Protest In NYC

"Modern policing was developed from slave patrols," said one protester. "If they weren't racist, they wouldn't be police."

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