Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Extra, Extra: NYC Named America's Snobbiest City

Because Rudy Giuliani has still got it, check out today's end-of-day links: Pace football abuse, old NYC places, string cheese history, America's snobbiest city, man doesn't want to leave hospital, and pygmy marmoset loves toothbrushes.

Photos, Videos: This Is What Thousands Of Rabbis Hanging Out Looks Like

The Rabbis convened in Crown Heights for an epic group shot—which included videos of the scene taken by drone.

Subway Sleeper Punches Officer, Isn't Hauled To Jail

A Queens man witnessed an incident in which cops were able to show restraint in dealing with a possibly drunk person on the subway who punched them.

'Simpsons' Co-Creator Saves A Gay Bull From Being Turned Into Hamburgers

The latest recipient of the 'Simpsons' co-creator's charity was a gay bull in Ireland destined for the slaughterhouse.

Video: Fred Armisen Demonstrates 10 Different NYC Accents

Watch in the video below as he tries out accents from Washington Heights, Upper West Side, Astoria, West Village, Rockaway, The Bronx, East Village, Upper East Side, Brooklyn, and Long Island.

Videos: Cameron Diaz Channels Experimental Theater On Saturday Night Live

Cameron Diaz was the host of this week's SNL, which included some experimental theater, slapstick 'Schoolhouse Rock' bits, and the triumphant return of Lil' Baby Aidy.

Police: Man Robbed An 8-Year-Old Girl At Knifepoint In Bed-Stuy

24-year-old Malcolm Walker Gotti entered the victim's apartment at around 2 a.m., walked into her bedroom and held a knife to her throat, demanding money.

Former NBC Employee Claims He Paid Off Women For Bill Cosby

A former NBC employee claims that BIll Cosby enlisted him to pay off women, and he acted as lookout for Bill Cosby during many backstage trysts.

Mayor-For-Life Marion Barry Dies At Age 78

"He loved the District of Columbia and so many Washingtonians loved him."

Protesters Call For Rookie Cop's Arrest For Fatally Shooting Unarmed Man

Protesters gathered at a rally in Brooklyn yesterday to call for the arrest of the rookie cop who "accidentally" fatally shot an unarmed man this week.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Extra, Extra: Male Models Busted For Allegedly Dealing Cocaine

Because Bill Cosby gets standing ovations in Florida, check out today's end-of-day links: valet parking app, kitten plays video game, Beyonce's new music video, butt checks, pot summons, and a demanding pug.

Mom Of 3-Yr-Old Who Died In Relative's Care Calls For Investigation Into Child Welfare Agency

A spokesperson for ACS told the Times that the agency "is conducting a full review of the case to determine what happened that led to this horrifying result."

Photos: Gorgeous Views Of NYC Through The Lens

Gothamist contributor Vivienne Gucwa is gearing up to release her first collection, "NY Through The Lens", a 192-page coffee table book featuring photography and writing about NYC.

Celebrate Thanksgiving With $35K Worth Of Caviar & Wagyu Beef

Macy's National Holiday has been rather lacking in the foie-gras stuffed pigeon department, but one steakhouse will fix all that.

Man Struck By Hit-And-Run Driver At McDonald's Drive-Thru

A man standing in the drive-thru lane at a Queens McDonald's was struck by a hit-and-run driver early this morning.

Driver Indicted For Killing Two Pedestrians While Going 111 MPH

The driver accused of fatally striking two pedestrians after losing control of his car while driving 111 MPH has been indicted.

Videos: Subway Busker Fights The Law...And Wins

Subway performer Ramon Pena successfully argued with cops and MTA workers about being ejected from Grand Central this week.

Prosecutors: Brooklyn Hit-And-Run Driver Saw Teen's Body Before Fleeing Scene

Reynolds claims she didn't see the teen after she struck him.

Neighbors, Politicians Rail Against NYPD Shooting Of Unarmed Man

Family, neighbors, activists and politicians are incensed at the NYPD after a rookie cop "accidentally" fatally shot an unarmed man in Brooklyn this week.

Man Stabbed To Death In Washington Heights

The victim has been identified as Rodney Rosado, a resident of The Bronx.

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