Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Photos: Devoted Hello Kitty Fans Show Us Their Tattoos (And Get New Ink)

Some diehard fans showed off their permanent devotion to the middle-aged cartoon cat.

Extra, Extra: The Definitive NYC Quiz

Because you want to know what happened to the question mark, check out today's end-of-day links: murderous grandmas, child drum prodigies, afro confusion, Clickhole NYC quiz, and chill Halloween cats.

Coming In 2015: MTA Fare Hikes

The Metropolitan Transit Authority is proud to present its latest wide-release feature, which will hit subway stations across NYC in the spring of 2015: "Fare Hikes 2015: Swiping To Exhale."

Bronx Junior High Students Allegedly Raped Young Girls In School Auditorium

The alleged assailants are 13 and 14 years old.

Cute Rescued Coyote Pups Now Living At The Queens Zoo

The WCS says that "without their mothers to protect and provide food for them, they would not survive in the wild on their own."

Man Fatally Struck By MTA Bus Driver In Ridgewood

Authorities say there were no other injuries, and no arrests have been made

Get On Board For Endless Cocktails While Cruising The New York Harbor

The Holiday Spirits cruise is coming for your liver on November 20th.

Neighbors Thought Mom Beheaded By Son Was Halloween Display

"One guy was tapping her head with his foot to see it was real...Some houses around there have pretty elaborate Halloween displays, so it wouldn’t have been weird if it was fake."

Gothamist Wants Your Freelance Submissions

Gothamist is expanding and deepening our coverage of New York City, and we're paying.

Columbia Students Dump Mattresses To Protest Mishandling Of Sexual Assaults

The protest involved over 150 members of the Columbia University community

NYC Will Double Its Amount Of Hooters Next Month

The breastaurant opens its second Manhattan outpost next month.

How The "100 Catcalls In 10 Hours" Street Harassment Video Was Made

The creator tells us how the video was made, edited, and what was cut.

The Tenement Museum Is Allowing Photography... For One Night Only

Did you know the Tenement Museum has a strict no-photo policy? It's getting lifted for one night this year...

Opening Day At Aqueduct: "These Are Real Bad Horses Here"

"We're trying to figure out animals, and we don't even understand other people."

Obscenely Large Office Complex Coming To Red Hook Waterfront

A massive new office complex is slated for development along the far-flung Red Hook waterfront, with an Italian company buying up an entire city block for the cause.

Seasonally Perfect Park Avenue Autumn Serves Up Broccoli & Cheetos

An Autumn wonderland, filled with dried leaves and perfect food.

Early Addition: Stephen Colbert Investigates Gamergate

Because you want to know which celebrity couple may one day be referred to as ToLo, check out today's mid-day links: Times profiles Tinder, breast milk-spraying bandit, Colbert tackles Gamergate, backwards foot, and one dog's struggle.

The 11 Best Small Music Venues In NYC

You can hear bands any night of the week without having to feel like a sardine in Midtown. Here are the best places to do that.

The Best And Worst Halloween Candy To Give Trick Or Treaters

This year we asked the food and drink department to share their favorite and least favorite Halloween candies. What are your picks?

GOTV MOFO: NY Democrats Getting Oddly Threatening Letters From State Democratic Committee

"Many organizations monitor turnout in your neighborhood and are disappointed by the inconsistent voting of many of your neighbors."

Video: The Best Way To Deal With Orthodox Jewish Street Harassment

Thanks to this video, we have an idea how to dissuade any strangers from ever asking us if we're Jewish ever again.

Alidoro's Spectacular Sandwiches Arrive In Midtown

Despite some new offerings and a larger space, the shoebox SoHo shop transplant still turns out some of the city's best sandwiches.

Apple CEO Tim Cook Officially Comes Out In Essay: "I'm Proud To Be Gay"

'If hearing that the CEO of Apple is gay can help someone struggling to come to terms with who he or she is...then it's worth the trade-off with my own privacy.'

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